2000, Only victory is beautiful


January 5th, 2000, I have not slept for 36 hours, a few miles off my line, my feelings are confused : apprehension, nostalgia, stress.

I allow myself to feel and let myself be overwhelmed by any sense of happiness for fear of knowing the same fate, the same injustice as last year off the coast of Guadeloupe. I’m exhausted physically but especially mentally.

I knew that this second crossing would be very challenging. She is… well beyond what I ever imagined. The days and days, the line becomes my obsession every moment, I have to deal with rough seas, strong currents. The Media contact me to collect my impressions. I show a certain reserve to ward off and go out to both to stay focused.

As the line was not cut anything can happen !


It is 5h40 AM when I cross the line off the Pointe des Salines, Martinique.

Two crossings of the Atlantic, one finishing line. I wish these moments could be played in slow motion, so as to enjoy every second.

Watching the first lights of the island, I notice the first boats coming towards me to greet me.

Land ! I look back over the horizon where I come from.

The whole map of the Atlantic suddenly comes to my mind.


I did it and know precisely how much it cost me. I remember those who helped me and thank them for having supported me. They are part of my victory.

Such an experience makes one grow up, enriched. I can’t help thinking of all of those who would like to make such a dream come true. It is possible. As far as I am concerned, what comes out of all this is the incredible happiness of success, of having won through.