Encourage the culture of projects

en-projet-grandRealizing a project paramount anything else is a question of will, a will to achieve and succeed. Also you must open up your mind to other people, commit and develop the ability to master change and to use it.

Invest your whole energy to make your dream come true, do not be afraid of failure, it is a part of your experience.

There is no good or bad experience, no matter what happens it will beneficial. So, be proud of what you have achieved and lucid enough to analyze the cause of your failure and get stronger and more experienced.

Audacity, curiousity, enthousiasm, creativity and not to be afraid of the failure must be encouraged, stimulated as early as possible both at home and at school.

The greater the failure is a part of a normal step of life, the lesser it will be dreaded therafter.

Replacing the denial of failure with the learning of the risk, this enterprising concept can also be aimed more generally at parents, employees, job seekers…

It might be an opportunity to maintain a link with the society, to still feel useful and to be more in part of the action.

What is more commendable, more noble than watching behind the efforts made with pride and to share these moments with ones your loved ones !

I take these few lines to encourage young people, those who brave the obstacles, dare, fall, rise to reach their goal, but also convince others : the most cautious, hesitant, which have not the will but only the wish to invest.

Be an adventurer, go ahead and take risks, life is yours !