Adventurer portrait


Afew months after my first rowing Atlantic crossing, a 12 years-old girl asked me the required qualities and training to be « An adventurer ». Kids are so unpredictable, I am still astonished by their spontaneity and their common sense.

I wrote down a portrait which more than ever fits to our everydays life. I often use it in my talks. The audience understands easily that life must be an adventure. Up to each to to cross his own Atlantic.

To deserve this word, our life must still maintain the concept risks, the management of the unknown and unforeseen in the face of tasks which require our own personnal resources and our own experiment.

In our society, it is about to rediscover the taste of adventure, the willingness to excel and to make a decision. In everyday life, believe in taking maximum advantages of obstacles, taking up new challenges and to project yourself as a winner.

Adventurer Portrait by Peggy Bouchet
  1. Do not be afraid to fail, fall and get up
  2. Be enthusiastic
  3. Keep your cool whatever the circumstances
  4. Learning to be impervious to criticism and judgments of others
  5. Always plan as a winner
  6. Adapt to situations by fair winds and reverse currents
  7. Get a strong sense of humour
  8. Keep a curious, keen eye
  9. Learn to say NO
  10. Hang on, still hang on to achieve your goal